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Our plant compositions

Kokedama & Terrarium - Delivery within 48 hours or the day of your choice

Offer a unique, vegetal, artisanal gift to your loved ones!
Kokedama is a Japanese art that showcases a plant arranged on a ball of moss. Soothing and zen effect guaranteed!
The terrarium only requires one watering per year thanks to its closed ecosystem

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BOHOL-Terrarium S
<tc>Sale price</tc>59,00 €
SIQUIJOR Green - Terrarium M
<tc>Sale price</tc>79,00 €
Mini BOHOL - Terrarium XS
<tc>Sale price</tc>39,00 €
Kokedama - Braided Ficus
<tc>Sale price</tc>59,00 € <tc>Regular price</tc>66,00 €
SIQUIJOR Red - Terrarium M
<tc>Sale price</tc>75,00 €
Kokedama - Asparagus
<tc>Sale price</tc>55,00 € <tc>Regular price</tc>66,00 €
<tc>Sale price</tc>55,00 € <tc>Regular price</tc>66,00 €
Sold out
livraison terrarium
CONCRETE Asparagus - Terrarium M
<tc>Sale price</tc>75,00 €
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terrarium plante beton
CONCRETE Ficus - Terrarium M
<tc>Sale price</tc>75,00 €
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Livraison KOKEDAMA - Kokedama - Chamaedorea
Kokedama - Chamaedorea
<tc>Sale price</tc>55,00 € <tc>Regular price</tc>66,00 €
THE BOHOL TRIO - Terrarium
<tc>Sale price</tc>173,00 €
BOHOL Macodes – Terrarium S
<tc>Sale price</tc>65,00 €
Kokedama - Ficus microcarpa
<tc>Sale price</tc>39,00 € <tc>Regular price</tc>45,00 €
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livraison terrarium
CONCRETE Polycias - Terrarium M
<tc>Sale price</tc>75,00 €
MAORI Ficus -Terrarium M
<tc>Sale price</tc>69,00 €
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HANOÏ - Terrarium MHANOÏ - Terrarium M
HANOÏ - Terrarium M
<tc>Sale price</tc>69,00 €
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<tc>Kokedama - Philodendron birkin</tc><tc>Kokedama - Philodendron birkin</tc>
Kokedama - Philodendron birkin
<tc>Sale price</tc>55,00 € <tc>Regular price</tc>66,00 €
Kokedama - Bonsai Ficus retusa
<tc>Sale price</tc>65,00 € <tc>Regular price</tc>88,00 €

5 bonnes raisons de (s)'offrir nos compositions végatales

1) Des créations uniques et artisanales réalisées au sein de notre atelier parisien, acheter une création La Green Touch c'est aussi soutenir les entreprises françaises et familiales
2) Des créations durables dans le temps et tendances
3) Véritable objet de décoration, elles apporteront de la verdure à votre intérieur
4) Accompagnement personnalisé, on vous donne un guide d'entretien pour chacune de nos créations
5) accessible à tous, nos créations sont à partir de 35€ !

Your questions about our terrariums and kokedama


1. It will bring an exotic, zen, relaxing and obviously green touch to your interior
2. It can live for many years and does not require much maintenance (just bathe the sphere halfway for 5-10 minutes in a large container of water once or twice a week depending on the season)

Appeared in Japan in the 1990s, "koke" means foam & "dama" a ball, a sphere but also something precious. It consists of a sphere of moss filled with clay nutrient substrate, on which rests a plant.

Your kokedama will come with a maintenance guide but it is easy to maintain.

Watering : Water your kokedama when the ball moss begins to dry out or thin out

Frequency : About 1-2 times per week in winter and 2-3 times a week in summer.

Method : Alternate misting and watering, directly on the ball moss until it
becomes well wet

For the Japanese, growing a kokedama and hanging it up is like breaking free from gravity and ascending to divine dimensions of love and peace.

1. Suspended using a string
2. Placed on a decorative object (books, pebbles, etc.) to put it back on
3. Laid flat on a shelf or piece of furniture in a living room, hallway, office...just about anywhere as long as it is exposed to indirect light, away from a source of heat or 'a draft

Upon receipt, take the kokedama out of the box and place it in a bright space without a heat source, away from direct sunlight and wind. If the foam is dry, bathe the sphere halfway in a large container of water for 5-10 minutes, let it soak and then drain for a few minutes.


We have launched our collection of terrariums available throughout France, find it here.

We have a special collection of terrariums in Ile de France, including exceptional terrariums, discover it here.

Each model is unique, created and composed by us. The plants indicated in the description are present in the jar but the decoration may vary slightly. If you have a preference on the decoration, do not hesitate to mention it when ordering in the comment box.

Each model is unique, created and composed by us. The plants indicated in the description are present in the jar but the decoration may vary slightly. If you have a preference on the decoration, do not hesitate to mention it when ordering in the comment box

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Kokedama and terrariums throughout France

- For GLS
Delivery time is 48 hours and delivery costs are €5.90.
- For Chronopost:
At home, delivery time is 24 hours and delivery costs are €9.50.
At a pick-up point, the delivery time is 24 hours and the delivery costs are €6.50.

Terrarium Il de France
Deliveries on Thursdays and Fridays via Save My Paquet
From €10.00 to €30.00

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Our terrariums and kokedamas are packed in strong double-thick cardboard, protected with bubble wrap and craft to ensure safe transport.


We have developed specific packaging for sending our plants and terrariums