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ACAPULCO - Terrarium XL
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livraison grand terrarium parislivraison terrarium d'exception paris
XANGRI-LA - Terrarium XXL
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livraison plante terrarium LA PAZlivraison plante terrarium LA PAZ
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livraison grand terrarium paris
BALANGAN - Terrarium XXL
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livraison grand terrariumlivraison terrarium Paris
RIO - Terrarium XXL
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Your questions about our terrariums and kokedama


You don't have a green thumb or you're not often at home? A terrarium does not need maintenance, so it allows you to bring a touch of green to your interior decoration

The terrarium being closed, the temperature of the jar increases and causes the plants to sweat. Water vapor flows over the walls then reaches the root system in the ground and nourishes the plant. The humidity level therefore remains high and it is not necessary to water additionally. Find more information here

Open the 24H terrarium as soon as you receive it at home so that it can acclimate to its new environment, then close it. The following weeks, if there is a lot of condensation on the walls, open it a few hours a day until it stabilizes. Find more information here

Take the moss out of the terrarium and put it in a large bowl of water, it should turn green again after 30 minutes. If this is not the case, it is that it did not have the necessary humidity to develop.

If you can't get the moss out of the terrarium, soak it in water and leave the terrarium open for 24 hours.

If there are large drops of water on the walls of the jar, you must open the terrarium for 1 hour a day to lower the humidity. If that doesn't change anything after a week, you'll have to move it (Is it too close to a wall? Too close to a TV? )

If it's a 'a slight condensation is completely normal, you can leave it closed

Cut the leaves at their base when they touch the sides of the jar. Remove leaves that may have fallen or remove damaged ones. Then leave the lid open a few hours for a good healing of the plants

- Gnats
We advise you to eliminate as many as possible then soak a cloth in lemongrass or basil essential oil and finally gently rub the top of the jar with it.

- Slugs, snails
Remove them so they don't feed on your plants.

- Mealybug, red spider
Pests for your plants and your terrarium! It is absolutely necessary to treat them quickly with black soap
or an insecticide.

Do you notice that a cottony white deposit has settled on your plants or on the soil?
This is a sign of excessive humidity and a lack of light. Remove the mold using a clean cloth and cut the affected leaves, then leave your terrarium open for 48 hours and place it in the light.

Several possible causes:

- Excess or lack of water (if the soil is dry rehydrate the mosses and your composition, on the contrary if your ecosystem is soaked leave the open for a few hours then close it.)

- Lack of light (if this is the case, move your miniature garden and bring it as close as possible to the window.)

- Brown spots (often caused by a fungus, remove the affected leaves and leave your terrarium open for a few days until the humidity evaporates.)

If you purchased a terrarium from us 1 month ago or less, we can replace your plants free of charge or redo the terrarium depending on the problem encountered.

If it's been more than 1 month or if your terrarium comes from another shop, we can give you an estimate to replace your terrarium on site or by email

If you are not satisfied with the terrarium you have chosen, you have the option of exchanging it or getting a refund within 1 week if the terrarium is intact


We have launched our collection of terrariums available throughout France, find it here.

We have a special collection of terrariums in Ile de France, including exceptional terrariums, discover it here.

Each model is unique, created and composed by us. The plants indicated in the description are present in the jar but the decoration may vary slightly. If you have a preference on the decoration, do not hesitate to mention it when ordering in the comment box.

Each model is unique, created and composed by us. The plants indicated in the description are present in the jar but the decoration may vary slightly. If you have a preference on the decoration, do not hesitate to mention it when ordering in the comment box

Thanks to our delivery calendar, you can choose the delivery date that suits you.

You can track the progress of your GLS or Chronopost package via the tracking number sent to you by email or SMS. It will be communicated to you 24 to 48 hours before delivery.

If you are not at home, don't worry, our carrier will re-deliver to you or drop off your package at a pick-up point near you.

Thanks to the delivery calendar on the basket page, you can choose the date that suits you best.

Concerning the time and the amount of delivery depends on the carrier you choose:

Kokedama and terrariums throughout France

- For GLS
Delivery time is 48 hours and delivery costs are €5.90.
- For Chronopost:
At home, delivery time is 24 hours and delivery costs are €9.50.
At a pick-up point, the delivery time is 24 hours and the delivery costs are €6.50.

Terrarium Il de France
Deliveries on Thursdays and Fridays via Save My Paquet
From €10.00 to €30.00

To err is human, we apologize in advance :) But we always find a solution to satisfy! Please email us a photo of the product received in error and your order number so that we can return the correct product

Our terrariums and kokedamas are packed in strong double-thick cardboard, protected with bubble wrap and craft to ensure safe transport.


We have developed specific packaging for sending our plants and terrariums