Home terrarium delivery

We take special care for each of our orders, using quality, eco-responsible materials and tailor-made packaging: reinforced cardboard, bubble wrap, wedges... the proof in pictures.

How are our terrariums packaged?

Adapted and secure packaging

We have designed and adapted each shipping box for each of our terrarium models. They all benefit from a specific cardboard, a unique wedge system and recycled cardboard to reinforce our wedges.

How to unpack a terrarium?

Terrarium delivery

Upon receipt of your package, you must open the box as soon as possible and carefully remove the terrarium. Use a pair of scissors to remove the taped part, clean the jar with a clean cloth and place it in a bright space without direct sunlight. Then follow the terrarium maintenance guide.

Quality and trusted carriers


As soon as your order is ready to be shipped, you will receive a tracking number from the carrier by email or SMS.

If you are absent when the parcel is delivered, several options are possible:
- Delivered to your neighbors
- Redeposited at the depot and delivered at a later date agreed with you
- Delivery to the relay point closest to you

As soon as you receive the package, take a photo and contact us via the following address: hello@lagreentouch.fr so that we can find a solution together.