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RIO - Terrarium XXL

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RIO - Terrarium XXL: 299,00 €
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Natural, creative, autonomous, the terrarium is the vegetal and decorative element of the moment. We put a lot of heart into our creations, each terrarium is a unique composition, made in our Parisian workshop.

The terrarium RIO XXL is ideal for placing in a large room, meeting room, reception or waiting room.

Composition: A 40cm x 30cm glass candy box, a 6-year-old Retusa Bonsai, several companion plants and a pretty, unique decoration withnatural moss and small pebbles are also present.

A perfect gift idea! Ideal to decorate your interior or office, but also to offer: birthday, customer gift, employee.. A small miniature garden that only needs watering a few times a year is the perfect gift!